New Fee Schedule Effective May 1, 2019

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Ft. Randall Federal Credit Union Fee Schedule
Effective: May 1st, 2019
The following fees may be assessed against your account and the following transaction limitations, if any, apply to your account. 

Account Research Fee
$25 per hour plus copy costs-minimum $25.00

Address Change by Post Office $2.00

Check Cashing (NON MEMBERS ONLY) $1.00 per Hundred

Collection Items
Outgoing $10.00

CU Check to 3rd Party $2.00
Mailed Check to 3rd Party $3.00

CU Check Stop Payment $30.00*

Dormant Account 
Inactive for 12 months with balance less
Then $100 with no active accounts
Over age of 21 $10.00

Early Account Closing <1 year $20.00

Fax Service $1.00 per page

Money Orders ($1000 Max) $2.00
Non Member $3.00

Counter Checks $4.00 per sheet

Notary Service $5.00

Photo Copy $0.20 per page

Statement Copy $5.00 per statement

Account Printout 
(Current month after 2nd request) $2.00

Incoming $10.00*
Outgoing $20.00

Check Card
First Card Order FREE
Replacement Card $20.00
Overdraft Fee $30.00*

Share Draft Accounts
Auto/Manual transfers after 6 per month $1.00 per transaction
Check Orders Varies with Style
Draft Photo Copy $5.00
Over Draft Fee $30.00*
NSF Paid $30.00*
Stop Pay Item (ACH & DRAFT) $30.00*

IRA Transfer Fee $25.00*

Home Financial Services
Account Access FREE
Bill Pay Option FREE
A2A Transfers $2.00
Proof of Payment $15.00
Payment Cancellation $10.00
Letter of Payment $10.00
Payment Error Return $10.00
Express Letter of Payment $15.00

Loan Accounts
Consumer Applications $35.00 IF APPROVED
Construction/HELOC Loan 0.50% of loan amount
1st, 2nd 1% of loan amount 
Refinance $50.00
Extension/Sub-Action $25.00

*Changes made to the fee schedule


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