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Tuesday, August 28, 2018

What is mobile remote deposit capture (MRDC), or mobile deposit?

With MRDC, a customer deposits a check by providing a check image; customers make deposits by taking pictures of a check’s front and back with a smartphone and sending the images to the bank through a mobile banking application or online banking service. Customers do not need to deposit the physical check in this arrangement.

When depositing your check on our Mobile Deposit Capture make sure you are following our guidelines, otherwise it will NOT get deposited! When taking a picture make sure you sign your name and put "For Remote Deposit Only" under it. Take picture before 1:30PM on a Business Day to be deposited in your account that day! When depositing on weekends your money will be deposited the next Business Day!


Due to new regulations, "For Remote Deposit Only" is required on the back of all checks that are deposited through the mobile banking applicaiton. 

mobile banking requirements


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